IBM Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA)

Advanced EDI document validation and transformation supporting enveloping, de-enveloping following HIPAA SWIFT SEPA and other IDX standards

IBM Transformation Extender Advanced enables you to deploy an advanced transformation and document processing solution across your IT infrastructure. It can help you address the increasing volumes and regulatory complexity associated with healthcare and financial payments. You can also add EDI transformation capabilities to your IBM Integration Bus infrastructure using industry packs for supply chain, healthcare and financial payments transactions. 

The platform integrates with IBM middleware solutions, such as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, and supports IBM Transformation Extender, Sterling B2B Integrator and XSLT maps.

Transformation Extender Advanced works with several industry packages to offer industry-specific solutions: Transformation Extender Pack for Healthcare, Transformation Extender Pack for SupplyChain and Transformation Extender Pack for Financial Payments.

IBM Transformation Extender Advanced, with Transformation Extender industrial packages, offers the following features and benefits:

  • Healthcare transactions : Helps address HIPAA requirements including Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange/Strategic National Implementation Process (WEDI/SNIP) levels 1-7.

  • Supply chain : Aborda los requisitos claves de gestión, tales como el soporte para X.12 y el intercambio electrónico de datos para normas de administración, comercio y transporte (EDIFACT).

  • Financial payments : Can meet key requirements including support for SWIFT, SEPA and ISO 20022 transactions.

  • Modular architecture:  Designed for ease of deployment, high availability and scalable performance.

  • Advanced transormation support: Provides metadata for mapping, compliance checking and related processing functions, as well as data for reporting, error handling and analytics.

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